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All about me

Hi I'm Kevin. I'm a freelance full stack developer based in Manchester, UK. I have been programming since I was 9 years old. In those days it was mainly desktop applications written in C and QBASIC (Alas, I don't have any of my old programs to share!). I live and breathe technology.

Work life

I'm currently doing work on a contractual and freelance basis. Either remote or on site (depending on the area). I'm adept at keeping up to date with the latest in technologies to ensure that me or my clients are not left behind. I always find it quite amazing how modern tooling has made great efficiencies in web development today.

My current specialities are Drupal 8(and 7), Laravel and NodeJS. I have been fortunate to have had clients recently that have used them all. I am also fully adept at modern frontend practices and I try (as best as one can) to keep up with such a fast moving part of the industry.



I was mainly brought up in a Yorkshire seaside town called Bridlington on the east coast of England. Whilst there I discovered a love of science and music. So I taught myself how to play the guitar, joined a band and then studied towards A levels in Maths, Music and Physics.

After passing my A levels I went on to Manchester University to study Physics with Technological Physics (basically physics with more electronics and programming).

Following on from university I set up a web design consultancy with a friend of mine who is on the television (I'm not saying who). This was my first real exposure to business and I learnt a great deal. I gained a thirst for independence and that has stayed with me to this day.

Moving on from that business I settled down for a while leading the development for TalkTalk's new Drupal systems. A role that I most enjoyed, I still keep in touch with everyone even after so long.

Employment, however, was not really what I was looking for at that point so I broke out freelance again and a few years later here we are today.