Dummy Images made easy!

From time to time in my job I come across the need to just stick a placeholder image into my designs. I don't care what it is as long as it's the right size. In the past I've just either used whatever I could find to hand and then manually resize it in photoshop but now I've found a pretty nifty solution.

There's a new craze going around for these random image generation sites and I think they're pretty cool. The first that I noticed was lorempixel. For this one you just stick in:


and pow! It will produce an image a little something like this:

Pretty nifty eh?

There's tons of these random image generators about. Most of them have a setting where you can only retrieve greyscale images just by putting a /g before you put in the dimensions. My favourites are:

  • placekitten.com - Which gets you cats
  • placesheen.com - ¬†Which gets you tiger blood (Charlie Sheen)
  • fillmurray.com - Which gets you the immortal Bill Murray

All in all a nice bit of fun :)

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