Drupal Certification And Me

Just recently I read an article by Webchick about the new Acquia Drupal certification so I thought I'd share my experience with it.

Initially I approached this with some caution. Certification has been often met with some cynicism but I see it plainly this way: It can't hurt anything but my wallet!

So I took my business debit card out and spent the $250(~£150) for the exam. I booked it for the weekend because I wanted to make sure I had enough time to get ready for it and not be too tired after a long day at work

The day of the exam

In the advice for the exam it tells you that you should make sure that you install the software and register your biometric profile. Well me being rebellious and all that I left it till the last minute -- thinking that I wouldn't have any issues! Lo and behold when I fired up my favourite browser (Google Chrome) the damn thing wouldn't launch. No errors, no warning, nothing

Ten minutes later... it dawned on me. I remember that webchick mentioned that Google Chrome wasn't compatible. So I fired up my seldom used copy of Safari and I was ready to register my biometric profile

The biometric profile

I've never taken an exam before and I really wasn't sure what to expect. I had a rough idea that my camera was to be left on and that I was to make sure that the room was free of study aids and quiet. Anyway, I fired up the Sentinal application and it asked for the rights to enable some accessibility options on my Mac. I allowed it and then it went full screen, totally taking over my machine and switching the web camera on. (Wish I had have made an effort now -- I was in my pyjamas!)

The exam

The questions must have been in a random order because the first question that I had was tough! It left me with an initial feeling that this whole process was not going to be easy. Just as well though because if it were too easy then it wouldn't be worth anything

There were quite a few typos on the test. I'm sure that will be ironed out in the future. One question was most confusing because an option was repeated twice, luckily I thought they were both wrong anyway so it didn't phase me too much. A flag question for moderators would be handy

After 75 long minutes I was done. It was quite exhausting and a lot tougher than I had expected! Well done to Acquia for creating a multiple choice test that didn't just depend on regurgitating facts, some of them really did make me scratch my head

I passed with a total of 83%. The pass mark was 65%. I'm happy enough with the result (could have done better though!)

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